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Our brand new website

Martin Adams - Saturday, November 05, 2016

Finally we have actually committed the time and effort into creating a new website that truly represents us.

Our previous site was very dated, and didn't really showcase our main products and services.

It is very exciting compiling all the content and building up to the launch. We have tried to keep it as simple as possible, with concise information, plenty of graphics, and a clean overall design.

Now, we are not going to take all the glory for this new website, as we have enlisted the services of Urban Element to do all the technical stuff for us. They have been very helpful and guided us in the right direction and kept us on our toes so deadlines are met and things actually happen! They have explained all the difficult stuff in a very easy to follow way, with a realistic approach so it is achievable and not too daunting!

We are covering our products and services in 6 sections:

  • Signage
  • Display Graphics
  • Photo Printing
  • Canvas & Art Prints
  • General Printing
  • Automotive Photo Services

Each of these sections will go into detail about the products and services, with a good selection of photos to illustrate previous work that we've produced. There will also be a section dedicated to Projects, which we will add to a much as possible to give an overview to how other businesses have used our services, and the products they have chosen.

We are also having a blog section for any news or information that we think is worthy of its own space! This being the first article, which is also a good learning curve for me to get my head round the crazy world of publishing online!

It will be good fun compiling the About Us page, a chance to be open and to share our history with you all. We have been around for quite a while, so there is plenty to gather from!

Anyway, by the time you are reading this the site will be live! I've still got quite a bit to do, so better get on with the rest of the content before Natasha @UE cracks her whip..... again!

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