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Celebrate with chocolates

Martin Adams - Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Customising a Christmas gift for clients is a very simple but effective way to get your brand noticed. Blueprint are creating a lid design for a tub of Celebrations chocolates. We will print the design onto a self-adhesive vinyl, apply a laminate and computer cut the design out into the exact size circles which can then be stuck onto the lid!

Celebrate with chocolates

This process can of course be used for any promotion, event, or celebration any time of the year. We have done the Celebrations tub for ourselves, but we have previously produced stickers and labels for all sorts of occasions. Box lids, wine bottle labels, key-rings, envelope seals, bespoke tree decorations, the list goes on! You can let your imagination run wild and stick stuff to most things! It is a great way to personalise items and make them look unique for whatever the occasion or event.

For more corporate related ideas, but still based on the same product and process, we have produced stickers and labels for ipads and laptops, hard-hats, lab bottles and containers, tinned products and many more.

This process is usually for small to medium sized print runs, but we do produce individual stickers for bespoke applications, such as cases, boats, doors, bikes and toys. We've also done stickers for snowboards, skateboards, and a SUP!

Stickers and labels of any size or shape can be created, so this service could be applied to almost any scenario. If you have an idea and want to see if it is viable, please give us a call. It could be a bespoke sticker for a guitar, a cricket bat, or a race winning oar, all of which we have done for customers in the past. It really is a service with multiple uses for unlimited items!

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